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The Future is Bright with Solar!

Posted: 3/28/18 Updated: 3/28/18

The Future is Bright with Solar!

By Ann Owen, SUS Board Member

Connections were made on so many levels recently when SUS supporters from three U.S states partnered with many others in country on February 20-28 to continue lighting up several small communities in southwestern Honduras.  As a result, many more families in the beautiful, coffee-covered mountains near Comayagua now have clean, sustainable power in their homes for the first time – transforming their lives in significant ways.

Arquimidez was one of the 14 homeowners that had solar installed during this SUS trip. As is required by the SUS covenant, Arquimidez made a financial investment in his system, but he also contributed a great deal of sweat equity during the week, helping with many others’ installations. He was a joy to work with, and helped many on the trip expand their Spanish terminology (martillo = hammer), while enhancing his own English vocabulary in the process!

Elida was another amazing member of the Honduran team, and her grandmother’s home was the first solar installation this trip. Elida, who had participated in previous SUS installation trips to El Horno, El Sute, and Agua Zarca, assisted with many of the other homes in February. To help install the solar systems this trip, leader Megan Rubio, of Spring Hill Presbyterian-Mobile, was joined by graduates of SUS Solar Schools from several Presbyterian churches: Second-Little Rock, Broadmoor-Shreveport, and First-Jacksonville.

SUS has a covenant with these three Honduran communities to install smaller one-panel 12V systems (the "FS-12" system) in 76 homes in the area. This was the third trip for this pilot SUS Initiating Partner project. The first survey trip was in June 2016, and since the first installation trip in January 2017, 38 homes have been completed.  Nine other homes in Las Glorias, Honduras were installed several years ago.

Solar Under the Sun is lighting the way and you can be a part of it!  Please visit to learn more about how you can support this wonderful mission or to register for the next Solar School on May 3-6 at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center!


Join Us as We Take the Light Bulb Challenge!

Posted: 10/17/16 Updated: 3/22/18


The Light Bulb Challenge is two things. First, it is a Bible study aimed at adults and older youth. It may be used on consecutive days as part of adult Bible school or over a longer period of time as a Sunday school class or evening Bible study. Each of its four study sessions deals with a passage of scripture in which light plays an important role, providing a context for the passage and a contemporary application. Each session includes information, references, and background material within a lesson guide which can be used by leaders and students together. There is also a brief (humorous) dialogue to be used with each session as a means of breaking the ice and pointing to themes at work in the passage.

But the Light Bulb Challenge is also a call to action and an invitation to join Solar Under the Sun (SUS) in its work helping to provide clean, renewable energy to those suffering from energy poverty in our world. At the end of the study sessions, there is a guide on how to conduct an inventory of light bulbs in use in your home, business, or place of worship, and a request that you contribute financially to the work of SUS so that it may continue to serve those in need.

Click here to view and download material for the Light Bulb Challenge!


Join us for Energy Poverty in the Developing World - How it affects everybody and what you can do!

Posted: 7/28/16 Updated: 7/28/16

Did you know roughly a fourth of the world’s population lives without access to reliable electricity? Let’s talk about that.


Join us for 

Energy Poverty in the Developing World:

How it affects everybody and what you can do.

A Symposium Sponsored by Solar Under the Sun

6:30-8:30 pm, August 19, 2016

Broadmoor Presbyterian Church

1915 Grover Place

Shreveport, LA 71105


Come meet Solar Under the Sun staff and Board members and hear a presentation about energy poverty and its effects on communities worldwide.

Enjoy light refreshments as we discuss tangible ways that people of faith can respond, both as individuals and congregations, and how Solar Under the Sun is sharing God’s gift of solar energy with people who need it desperately.


For more information visit or find us on Facebook.

Admission is free! RSVP at


Solar Under the Sun's Symposium on Energy Poverty

Posted: 4/11/16 Updated: 4/21/16


Did you know roughly a fourth of the world’s population lives without access to reliable electricity?  Let’s talk about that.
Please join us for
Solar Under the Sun’s
Symposium on Energy Poverty
Thursday, May 5 at 7:00pm—Presbyterian Mission Center
Come meet Solar Under the Sun staff and Board members and hear a presentation by keynote speaker James Allison about energy poverty and its effects on communities worldwide.
Enjoy light refreshments as we discuss tangible ways that people of faith can respond, both as individuals and congregations, and how Solar Under the Sun is sharing God’s gift of solar energy with people who need it desperately.
Please click on this link to register—there is no cost to you, and you’re welcome to share this invitation with friends.

Solar Under the Sun at APCE 2016

Posted: 2/2/16 Updated: 2/2/16

APCE 2016 was great! I got to meet so many wonderful people and see the beautiful city of Chicago.  Congratulations to the winner of our prize in the passport drawwing!  She won a copy of our VBS curriculum and vouchers for a pair from her church to attend Solar School at a discounted rate!  I look forward to representing Solar Under the Sun at their Denver meeting next year!

- Emily 


This Christmas Season

Posted: 12/4/15 Updated: 12/4/15

Dear friends,


This season, as you light up your Christmas trees, we hope you will remember that about 1/4 of the world's population has no way of doing so.

As you prepare meals for your family, we hope you remember that nearly 3 billion are still doing this over wood, crop waste, and dung.

We hope that you remember that in some countries such as Malawi and Niger, less than 10% of the population even has access to electricity.

During this season of love and giving, we hope you remember that Solar Under the Sun cares and is working to do something about it.

We hope you remember that we need you - your prayers, your partnership, your support.


In Christian Service,

Emily Fausett


Attention: Make your plans now!

Posted: 2/13/15 Updated: 5/27/15

The first solar training this year is just around the corner (April 30-May 3). You can add solar power to your mission outreach in the world. In three and one half days, your mission team can be trained to plan, coordinate, build, and install a mini power plant from the solar array to the point of use or power need. Add substance to your short term mission trips and help us light up the world!


Honduras..... we're there!

Posted: 12/17/14 Updated: 5/27/15

Solar under the Sun (SUTS) just installed two power systems in El Horno and El Sute, Honduras. In El Horno SUTS is the power source for a Living Water for the World water filtration system as well as power for the church. In El Sute SUTS powers the church with lights and outlets for a microphone and musical instruments. While in Honduras the install team found many other opportunities for future systems. Get trained and come join the fun!


Honduras is on the horizon!

Posted: 9/30/14 Updated: 5/27/15

This man and woman walked 3 hours one day from the small village of Los Corrales in hopes that Solar under the Sun would partner with them to bring power to their homes. The mayor of the village told the survey team that he would match us dollar for dollar if we would partner with them! Wow, what a challenge. Who will that partner be? It could be you. Get trained, get involved and get out there!


New SUTS Newsletter Ready for Download

Posted: 6/26/14 Updated: 5/27/15

The summer edition of the SUTS newsletter is ready for viewing! We have great stories from Ruthie McRae, Ashley Goad and more! Please download this copy and send to your family and friends.

The next SUTS newletter will print this fall. Please email stories and trip reports and photos to Chris McRae at


SUTS Newsletter Hot Off The Press

Posted: 3/31/14 Updated: 5/27/15

Friends, our newest SUTS newsletter is ready for you to view. You can download here. Please share with your congregations, your friends, and family!


Make a difference!

Posted: 11/21/13 Updated: 5/27/15

Dear Friends of SUTS,

In this season of thanks-giving and gift-giving, it is an honor to invite you to consider how one particular gift can change the world. It is a gift that is priceless... a gift that is sacramental... a gift that creates a covenant between people. It is a gift that magnifies hope throughout the hemisphere... a gift that binds hands and hearts in unity... a gift that crosses oceans, countries, continents, and cultures. It is a gift that opens a library of new dreams... a gift that paints rainbows of new opportunities... a gift that gives birth to a new reality. Indeed, your gift to Solar Under the Sun blesses humankind, because your gift is a gift of inspiration and transformation... it is a gift that reveals a dawn of good health... and it is a gift of light, energy, and education. Your gift to Solar Under the Sun will broaden the horizons of our global outreach, and it will nurture lasting relationships that not only glorify God but also model the kind of community that God is fashioning throughout creation... and in following the way of Jesus Christ, Solar Under the Sun actually embodies the lyrics of the hymn, “Light and life to all He brings.” As we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us through the Child born in the manger, let us also serve as instruments who reflect the Light of the world to our brothers and sisters upon the planet by giving a gift that will provide future generations with a beacon of blessing. Thank you for your generous support.

With immense gratitude, Tom Ulrich Chairperson, Solar Under the Sun


Solar under the Sun gets an award!

Posted: 11/19/13 Updated: 5/27/15

Solar Under the Sun is a Presbyterian-related organization whose mission is to illumine our fellow human beings with hope and life through solar energy. SUTS is now establishing solar at a rate of almost two installations per month. In the past four years, SUTS completed nine training sessions, trained 191 missioners, and conducted 50 solar mission outreaches in three countries: Haiti, Ukraine and Kenya. Chris McRae, Executive Director, will accept the award for Solar Under the Sun. Since 1997, Presbyterians for Earth Care (PEC) has annually given awards to recognize individuals and organizations for their forward thinking and leadership in caring for God's creation. Individuals receive the William Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award and congregations, governing bodies, ecumenical agencies, and Presbyterian-related entities receive Restoring Creation Awards for environmental work that is particularly praise-worthy and innovative. Presbyterians for Earth Care (formerly Presbyterians for Restoring Creation) was founded in 1995 as a national, grassroots organization to support people of faith working towards “environmental wholeness with social justice." PEC helps the church to fulfill its current environmental policies, to create new policies and practices, and to energize and educate church members about eco-justice - the well-being of all humankind on a thriving earth.


Register Now For Solar School 10; May 1-4, 2014

Posted: 11/19/13 Updated: 5/27/15

You are cordially invited to attend Solar School #10! Held May 01-04; 2014 at beautiful Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center just outside Little Rock, Arkansas. Solar School offers two courses,Solar 1 and Solar 2. You don’t have to take both—usually a group sends at least one person to Solar 1 and one person to Solar 2.

Solar 1: Leadership, Partnership Development and Surveying

This course includes:
Exploring theology of doing mission in partnership
Developing partnerships and organizing skills
Forming teams (Trip management and Leadership)
Evaluating sites for solar projects
Negotiating covenants
Increasing cultural awareness

Solar 2: Installation and Equipping Partners

This course includes:
Assembling off-grid solar energy systems
Emphasizing systems to power clean water systems, but also electricity for clinics and schools
Assessing electrical loads
Learning system designs
Practicing safety and maintenance

Plenary Sessions include:
Mission Strategy session
Fund raising
Cultural differences between countries
Small group reflections

The cost for Solar School is $485 per registrant, which includes room and board, instruction, and training manuals. Commuting registrant cost is $375 per person. You must be 18 years or older to attend Solar School.

To register for Solar School online, please click here. If registering online, simply click the "new user" button, and register according to directions. Should you have questions, please callcall Ferncliff Camp at 501-821-3063.


Summer Newsletter Available Now!

Posted: 7/3/13 Updated: 5/27/15

Greetings, friends! We hope the summer is treating you well! At Solar Under The Sun, we are continuing to celebrate the abundant gifts from God, especially the faithful servants He has provided us.

To download the latest copy of our newsletter, click here.Read all about our journeys and excitement in this summer's newsletter. Please share with your family, friends, and churches.


SUTS Newsletter Available Online Now!

Posted: 4/3/13 Updated: 5/27/15

The March edition of the Solar Under the Sun newsletter is available now! Click here to download the newsletter and share with your friends!

Also, have you signed up for May Solar School? Spots are filling quickly! Visit our Solar School link to register today.


SUTS Calendar of Events Link

Posted: 2/21/13 Updated: 5/27/15

Have you seen our SUTS Calendar of Events? If you click on the "About" tab and the "Calendar" link, you will see a list of our upcoming installations, meetings, and more.

If you click on an installation, you will see the trip information and the leader contact. We hope this new feature will connect our teams with each other, and inform the public of the good work Solar Under The Sun does each and every day!

Don't see your trip or meeting included on the list? Please email Ashley Broadhurst with the information.


Vacation Bible School Curriculum Available Now!!

Posted: 2/7/13 Updated: 5/27/15

SUTS is pleased to announce the first edition of Vacation Bible School curriculum. We are so thankful for acclaimed Christian Educator Dee Koza and the offering she has provided for us. Our VBS material is designed to help participants in Kindergarten thru 5th grade consider how the Bible calls us and provides guidance in serving as God's stewards of the earth. Through Bible study, learning centers and mission moments, participants will learn about solar power and the role of solar power as it sustains life, gives energy, lights the earth, brings warmth and promotes growth.

Cost for the curriculum is $50 (includes shipping). You can order online by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Broadhurst.


SUTS End-of-Year Newsletter Hot Off the Press!

Posted: 12/7/12 Updated: 5/27/15

The Solar Under The Sun December Newsletter is here! Click the link below to download a PDF copy. We encourage you to share this link with your families, friends, and churches.

Peace be with you through this Advent season of celebration.

Light of Life Newsletter


SUTS to Offer Vacation Bible School Curriculum

Posted: 11/26/12 Updated: 5/27/15

In the past two years, whether we were at our exhibit hall booth in Pittsburgh, PA for General Assembly or Grand Rapids, MI for APCE, the first question we received was, “Do you have Vacation Bible School curriculum?” Our next door neighbor, and sister organization, Living Waters For The World offers a beautiful curriculum, and churches who have used their lessons are eager to follow the next year with another mission-oriented study.

Divine intervention placed acclaimed Christian Educator Dee Koza into our lives. She has worked tirelessly to provide a solid five-day children’s curriculum. The first edition will be printed and available in January, and a second edition, which will include youth supplements and an adult retreat study will be ready by midyear. We cannot wait to share this with our many supporters and churches. More information will be available on our website in the coming days.


Solar School 7 Set for September 13-16

Posted: 8/3/12 Updated: 5/27/15

As Solar Under The Sun celebrates its third anniversary we are happy to announce registration for Solar School #7 is underway. Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center in Little Rock, Arkansas is once again our beautiful location.

We are filling spots quickly, and we encourage you to visit the wesbite to sign up today.

Upcoming Solar School Dates are:

September 13-16, 2012 (online regisration)

May 2-5, 2013

September 12-15, 2013

More information regarding the classes available at Solar School can be found here or by clicking the "Solar School" tab above. We hope to see you soon!


Solar Under The Sun Creates Worship Resources

Posted: 5/25/12 Updated: 5/27/15

Looking for a new hymn to sing in your worship service? Preparing for your mission trip and needing a nightly devotion for your team? Planning a special time of prayer and hoping to find fresh material?

Solar Under The Sun has new resources for you! Click on the links below to download new materials created by our Solar School Instructors and Board of Directors. Use with your mission team, a small group, or in the Sunday morning worship service.

Together in mission, let us grow in the family of God!


SUTS Hymn Text

SUTS Devotional Booklet

SUTS Liturgy


SUTS Offers Challenge Grants from PW Birthday Offering

Posted: 3/15/12 Updated: 5/27/15

Last fall, Solar Under The Sun was chosen as the recipient of the 2012 Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering! The funds from the offering will be split in half:

First, half of the funds will go toward upgrading the facilities at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center, the site of SUTS' semi-annual Solar School Improvements include a solar-powered irrigation system, a solar-power installation on the CAB Building, an off-the-grid Eco-Youth center, and more.

Second, the remainder of the funds will support solar power installation projects in Haiti. To distribute the funds widely, SUTS has set up a challenge grant process. Initiating partners can download the grant application here, complete the form, and return it Applications will be reviewed by the committee in order of reception, and the partners will be notified of their approval. Funds will be allocated as they become available, and Presbyterian Women expects to send SUTS first installment in October 2012 and a final installment by April 2013. If you have questions concerning the application process, please contact Ashley Broadhurstor David Gill.


SUTS Earth Day Liturgy

Posted: 2/16/12 Updated: 5/27/15

Available now on our website are materials to celebrate Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, with your congregation. The liturgy includes hymn suggestions, call to worship, prayers of confession and adoration, offertory prayers, and more to share with your church. Simply click to download the resources. We can also mail you brochures or other promotional materials to have on hand.


Solar Training Number 6

Posted: 2/7/12 Updated: 5/27/15

Our next Solar under the Sun training is on the horizon. Mark you calendars now for May 17th through the 20th! This will be solar training #6. We have graduated 117 missioners to date and by March of this year, 50% of them will have been in the mission field setting up systems! Many of these trainees have been on more than one install. There is nothing more empowering than learning a skill and teaching others what you have learned. Come join us and we will light up the world.


Presbytery of the Pines scores one more!

Posted: 1/21/12 Updated: 5/27/15

A group representing Presbytery of the Pines just finished SUTS's 19th install in Haiti this week. This Living Waters for the World solar powered system is located in Gonaives, the second largest city in Haiti. It was installed at a Global Orphan project site and will serve, not only, the chlidren in the orphanage, but also, the surrounding community! Congratulations Danny & Karen Logan, John Guice and company.


Attention Solar school Graduates!

Posted: 1/10/12 Updated: 5/27/15

Mark Tew will be leading a group of solar school graduates to Haiti to do a solar upgrade on a Living Waters for the World water filtration system. Any solar school past participants that are interested in getting some in country training under Mark's leadership; please contact Ashley at ( This trip should take place in March or April of this year. This is your chance to put all that training to work in the field!


18 Solar Systems Installed!

Posted: 12/21/11 Updated: 5/27/15

2011 has been a good year for Solar under the Sun. We now have 117 graduates since our trainings started in 2010. Over 50 solar school graduates have been in the mission field to date and many more events are scheduled in 2012. Solar school trainings have been set for 2012 and if you have not made your plans yet, do it now! Learn a skill, identify a mission and put it to use in building God's Kingdom. This is what we are all about. This is our passion. We are waiting for you!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year from the board and staff of Solar under the Sun.


Solar Under The Sun Finishes Its 5th Training!

Posted: 9/29/11 Updated: 5/27/15

SUTS has completed 1 1/2 yerars of training with 5 different schools graduating 117 students. The latest school ended on September 18th with many students already planning their fist mission trip! Students representing 11 startes and 4 denominations attended the last session. The next school will be May of 2012. Make you plans now!


Solar Under the Sun/Living Waters Making Headlines

Posted: 8/29/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Solar under the Sun and Living Waters for the World were a feature article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, oldest paper west of the Mississippi. Follow this link to read more!


Solar comes to Meyer, Haiti

Posted: 8/17/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Solar under the Sun's first single family home system! Ancy Fils-aime's, our Haitian ambassador, childhood home now has solar lights. When Ancy's mother came home from the hospital, she found her home all lit with sunpower. She dropped down on her knees to thank God for those who broght her light to cast away the dark nights. We thank her for raising such a fine man who is instrumental in all that we do in Haiti. See pictures of this install here.


15 is the new Magic number!

Posted: 8/12/11 Updated: 5/27/15

This mission group of 12 just returned from Cherident/ Trouin, Haiti after completion of Solar under the Sun's 15th in country installation! SUTS trainings are going into their 2nd year and have placed over 40 missioners into the field.


Solar is coming to Cherident and Trouin!

Posted: 7/29/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Two solar/water filtration system are coming to two small villages in Haiti August 1st. Also, the team will be adding solar power to the volunteer quarters in Cherident! Follow this link to see what SUTS graduates have done so far in Haiti.


May Graduating Class-Next session Sept 15-18, 2011

Posted: 7/29/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Twenty two students graduated from the May Solar school training representing 7 states. Solar under the Sun's last training this year will be in September. Make your plans now!


Haiti Presentation at Fort Smith, AR Library

Posted: 7/18/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Over 70 people showed up at the Fort Smith library to view a presentation about what Arkansans are doing in the area of solar and water in Haiti. Follow this link to read more this exciting work!


Les Cayes install

Posted: 7/14/11 Updated: 5/27/15

At this location in Les Cayes, Haiti a team is installing our 11th solar/ water system. The Global Orphan Project is the operating partner at this site.


May Solar Class Makes local News!

Posted: 6/29/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Solar under the Sun's May graduating class made the local news channel 12 on Arkansas Talk Business. Check it out at this link!


Galion, Ohio

Posted: 6/29/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Dr.Brenda Phillips of our development and awareness committee lead the worship at First Presbyterian church in Galion, OH on June 26th. They are raising money for a solar project in Kenya!


Solar is getting cheaper FAST!

Posted: 6/22/11 Updated: 5/27/15

The cost of solar energy is coming down at a rapid pace and it already compares favorably with other energy sources. We are already there in the developing world. Follow this link to read more.


Kenyan Solar Survey team returns to OK!

Posted: 6/4/11 Updated: 5/27/15

We are most blessed with the leadership and community relations skills brought by Eunice Menja and Njoki Mwarumba (Solar 1 graduates) as they work through the assessment process. For a brief refresher, Solar 1 works with the local community to discern their needs and preferences. This part of the covenant building process is extremely important as it empowers locals to determine their own needs and, ultimately, makes the process a true, sustainable partnership. Bear in mind also that Kenya is new to SUTS and fairly new to our Living Waters for the World partners - in Haiti, an established network for partners and parts and ongoing projects make the process smoother. Eunice, Njoki and the LWW team are breaking new ground in Kenya, truly serving as disciples of Christ.


Kansas Presentation

Posted: 5/28/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Skip Johnson, SUTS committee, and David Grisham, solar 2 graduate, are spreading the word about Solar/Water installations in Haiti. Follow the link to read more about their travels in Kansas.


Next Solar School: Sept. 15-18, 2011

Posted: 5/28/11 Updated: 5/27/15

The upcoming solar school on May 19th thru the 22nd is closed. Our next training session is in September. May marks the first full year of trainings with 68 graduates. Twenty seven of them have already been in the mission field. Will you be next?


October 6th Thru 12th Trip to Haiti

Posted: 5/28/11 Updated: 5/27/15

An orphanage just outside of Port-au-Prince in Croix des Bouquet. Solar under the Sun's 7th installation and Living Waters for the World's 27th in Ayiti. The system is located on the compound of The Global Orphan Project. View pictures here.


February trip to Cherident, Haiti

Posted: 5/14/11 Updated: 5/27/15

A team made up of Presbyterians and Episcopalians traveled together February 20-28, 2011 to Cherident, Haiti, located southwest of Leogane. The team began a steel building construction of a guest house near the HEF school in Cherident, and surveyed the site, and other area HEF sites, for future solar energy system possibilities.


Next Session: March 17-20, 2011

Posted: 5/14/11 Updated: 5/27/15

Students in the Solar 2 training protocol are doing a smoke test on the control box that they constructed. If the lights turn on, then they pass and if they don't, back to the drawing board.


First Solar School Session Held at Ferncliff

Posted: 2/7/11 Updated: 5/27/15

The very first Solar School held at Ferncliff Conference Center, May 13-16, 2010, near Little Rock, AR. We didn't have time to label and describe.


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